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Our wellness centre located in the Hunter Valley is unlike anything you have experienced.

Our Services

Sooth, Relax & Recharge


Set your own comfort level & temperature in your private sauna. Improve your inner & outer body with medical benefits including detox, weight loss & healing.

Float Therapy

Replace stress with deep peace & new brain wave modes with an effortless float in natural salts. Proven to alleviate depression & anxiety while enhancing your creativity.

Colon Hydrotherapy

(Coming Soon)

Ultra personal and private, supervised with your own personally paced & guided therapy, experience this deep and hygienic cleanse. A key medical-grade step to your personal vitality.


(Coming Soon)

Experience bio-enhancing & regenerating Amethyst Crystal & Medium 'Human' Infrared rays that according to NASA research normalises your vital physiological functions.

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Here, in one place, is everything you need to start and continue your path toward personal health, wellness and vitality.


The Benefits for You

Weight Loss

While relaxing in our sauna, the rise in your core temperature can lead to an increased heart rate, same as when exercising, resulting in beneficial weight-loss



Our infrared saunas allow you to eliminate about seven times more toxins than traditional Swedish saunas. Including heavy metal toxins like mercury, lead, & environmental chemicals


Pain Relief & Blood Pressure

Muscle aches, joint pain & blood pressure can be relieved and reduced by our infrared sauna naturally increasing your circulation 

Peace of Mind

Removal of stimuli from the outside world frees you from disdainful distractions & intrusions allowing your mind to settle & find peace when using our float tank


Mental Health

Peace and wellbeing can move freely through your body and mind. Float Therapy has been associated with the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, and positive mood changes



Our Solocarbon Infrared Sauna produces near infrared light, NIR, using LED technology. This is the same technology used in scientific research that concluded NIR therapy can greatly enhance your wound healing process

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