Colon Hydrotherapy

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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is also referred to as a Colonic, Colonic Irrigation, or High Enemas

Colon hydrotherapy involves the gentle infusion of purified, temperature regulated water gently into the colon through a disposable colon cleansing nozzle. The body naturally releases the infused water along with any waste. This process can assist with the softening and removal of old faecal matter that is backed up congestion in the colon. It is a clean and comfortable treatment.

The gentle gravity fed filling and emptying of the colon during the Colon Hydrotherapy session hydrates and activates peristaltic activity. This movement may over time help improve the tone, strengthen the bowel and encourage better digestive transit time, ideally one bowel movement each day for optimal function. No chemicals or drugs are involved in the session. Just filtered and purified temperature controlled water is used.

The Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy TGA Registered Medical Device ensures that the pressure, temperature, and flow of water, are all safely regulated throughout the session. The water is purified with an Ultra Violet Water Purification System. The LIBBE Device is comfortable and may be operated in privacy for those who prefer solitude. We maintain the best practice and highest standard of hygiene which includes the use of disposable supplies. The pencil thin tube and gravity fed purified water, provides more comfort than traditional methods.

There is no odour! Odour is whisked away thru the sewer drain pipe.


What is the Colon?

The colon is also known as the large intestine or the bowel. It is a muscular tube of approximately 1.8metres long and 6cm in diameter. The role of the colon is to absorb water, vitamins and minerals and to form and eliminate the waste (faeces) from the body. The colon is populated by trillions of friendly bacteria. This bacteria plays a major role for the function of our immune system and overall health.

What Happens When Your Digestive System Becomes Sluggish?

When the colon is congested with toxic waste our blood stream may become overwhelmed with toxins and our whole body cannot function at its best. Colon Hydrotherapy cleanses the colon which rids the body of harmful toxins and allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently. It also creates a better environment for good bacteria to proliferate, improving overall gut health.

Colon Hydrotherapy may help many conditions like relief of constipation, bloating, sluggish bowel movement, irritable bowel syndrome, low immunity, poor digestion, irritability, depression, skin problems and great kick start to any weight loss or cleansing program.


So Why is the Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy System Preferred to Closed Systems?

Using a Libbe System, the process feels just like a normal bowel movement!

You have complete privacy without the awkwardness of a therapist with you at all times (the therapist can remain with you if that's your preference)

Easy self-insertion of the rectal tube

Hygienic – disposable supplies and adheres to a strict sanitizing protocol

Internationally Certified therapist

No odour or mess, unique to the ‘LIBBE’ colon hydrotherapy equipment

Let Your Journey Begin on the Path to a Better You…

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Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ’s

Is it Sanitary?

Yes, the colon hydrotherapy room and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after ever session. We ONLY use disposable supplies.

What Type of Colon Hydrotherapy Device is Used?

We use an open colon hydrotherapy device, which is approved in Australia by the TGA.

The device has a Carbon Filter and an Ultra Violet light purification system to ensure the purification and safety of water used throughout the session.

The highest standard of hygiene is maintained from ‘single use’ disposable equipment.

What do I Need to Do to Prepare for Treatment?

The client undresses in private from the waist down and is then draped during the entire session.

A thin disposable tube (the approximate thickness of a pencil) is inserted slightly into the rectum by the client.

A soothing flow of purified, temperature controlled water is fed into the colon.

This helps soften and loosen waste matter which then naturally passes out of the body through the colon.

This process assists with detoxification of the colon and also of the whole body.

There is no odour and no mess involved with this process.

The OPEN colon hydrotherapy device ensures that your privacy and dignity are maintained throughout the session.

A certified colon hydrotherapist is available to monitor and assist with the process throughout the session or to provide privacy for those that prefer solitude.

A session lasts around 40-45 minutes, so clients are asked to allow around 60 minutes in total to include some time before and after the session.

Pre Care

You can have a colon hydrotherapy session without any preparation, however avoiding some foods may allow for an easier and more comfortable treatment.

Try not to eat anything 2 hours before your treatment. On the day of your treatment it may help to eat light meals like steamed vegetables, soup, smoothie, vegie juice and salad options.

A few days prior to your treatment you may also like to minimise caffeine, alcohol, sugar, meat, bread, soft drinks, heavy and processed foods. This will assist the body with beginning to detox prior to your session.

Keep hydrated drinking 1-2 Litres water, herbal teas count for you fluid intake. It is possible to have a colon hydrotherapy session without any preparation, however avoiding some things may allow for an easier and more comfortable treatment:

Keep hydrated drinking 1 to 2 litres of water and fluids.

Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours before your treatment.

On the day of your treatment it may help to just eat light meals like steamed vegetables, soup, broth, salads, smoothies or cold press juices.

A few days prior to your treatment you may like to minimise caffeine, alcohol, sugar, meat, bread, soft drinks, heavy and processed foods.

This will assist the body to begin detoxing prior to your session.

Post Care

Immediately after the colon hydrotherapy session the therapist will provide the client with a probiotic to replenish the levels of good bacteria in the gut.

Post care tips include:

Aim to stay hydrated through the intake of water, herbal tea, soup etc. especially if you are prone to constipation.

After your session it may help to eat light and ‘easy to digest’ foods for the remainder of the day such as steamed vegetables, soups and vegetable juices.

Continue to avoid/minimise caffeine, alcohol, sugar, bread, soft drinks, heavy and processed foods on the day of the session and in the following few days.

Your Therapist will give you an electrolyte drink and probiotic after your session. Rest for up to 30 mins, many of our clients relax in our infrared sauna after their session.

Eat light and easy to digest foods avoid eating raw vegetables for 24 hours after the session. Steamed vegetables, soups, broths and vegie juices are easier to digest which supports a cleanse.

Continue to avoid/minimise caffeine, alcohol, sugar, bread, soft drinks and reduce heavy meat consumption for a few days lean meats or fish are a lighter option.

Here are some happy colon health tips consume filtered water & fluids, include fibre in the diet from fresh vegetables, fruits and enjoy exercising regularly by stretching, rebounding, bike riding, walking or swimming.

Over the following days remember general tips for colon health to consume enough water & fluids to include fibre in the diet such as from lots of fresh vegetables and some fruits and to exercise.

Even a bike ride, walk or swim will help the regularity of the colon!

For longer term gut health include a probiotic supplement or foods that naturally contain probiotics into your diet such as cultured vegetables (sauerkraut, pickles), fermented dairy and non-dairy products (yoghurt, kefir).


What Can I Expect After My Colon Hydrotherapy Session?

Everybody’s response is different after a colon hydrotherapy session.

A lot of people report having more energy and feeling a lot lighter in body and mind.

Other people report feeling tired or lightheaded. Listen to your body and take time to rest or sleep if you need to.

Many people report experiencing major emotional shifts especially after one of their first few colon hydrotherapy sessions.

This is totally normal but it may be beneficial to take some time out to rest, reflect and to be kind to yourself.

A common response after a colon hydrotherapy session is for the client to have a slight delay in bowel movements.

This is normal and regularity of bowel movements should return back to normal within a day or two (often with somewhat larger, more well-formed and easier to move stools).

What is the Difference Between a Colonoscopy and Colon Hydrotherapy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure performed to view inside the colon.

A colon hydrotherapy is the infusion of purified temperature regulated water into the colon to hydrate and activate the removal of accumulated waste.

Will an Enema or Laxatives Accomplish the Same Result?

No, an enema will only cleanse the very lower rectal and sigmoid part of the colon. Repetitive use of all laxative may lead to irritation, weakening of the colon and can also become habit forming.

Is the Treatment Private?

Your privacy is of great importance including professional confidentiality.

Our colon hydrotherapy rooms are designed to give you a private relaxing experience and you are completely covered from the waist down during the entire session.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy Painful?

No, it should NOT be painful!

Occasionally during the session you may experience ‘diarrhoea feeling’ contractions of cramping or gas in your abdomen also with a slight pressure in the rectum like just before having a bowel movement.

As you push the water and waste out this feeling passes. Your Therapist will coach you on how to take the water into your colon and gently release the water to make the session as comfortable as possible.

After the session you normally feel light in your abdomen and refreshed all over.

What Are the Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy may assist with the following:

Colon hydrotherapy does not cure problems. It is known to be a valuable procedure to assist the body with a wide variety of symptoms from disease. It may assist with symptoms such as low immunity, colon related conditions such as IBS and constipation, skin conditions such as acne and sores, relief from headaches, fatigue and swelling by improved lymphatic system function.

Colon hydrotherapy may aid in assisting the colon to eliminate more efficiently relieving any toxic burden on other organs and channels of elimination such as the liver.

The colon then functions more efficiently in eliminating waste and nutrient absorbing nutrients.

  • Reduced bloating, gas and pain
  • Regular pain free bowel movements
  • Relief from constipation or diarrhoea
  • Elimination of parasites, bad bacteria, Candida and toxins
  • Healthy skin
  • Clear eyes
  • Improved immune system (increased resistance to colds/flu/ sickness)
  • Reduction in allergies and food intolerances
  • Weight loss and flatter stomach
  • Fresher breath
  • Relief from headaches
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Increase in energy levels and overall vitality
  • More balanced mood
  • Reduced stress