How to access the website training videos:

Click Divi -> Support Centre.

How to take a manual back up:

All-in-One WP Migration -> Export -> Select what type of export you would like.

How to update WordPress, theme and plugins (please ensure that you have a confirmed backup):

Dashboard -> Updates-> Select which updates you would like to apply.

How to add a new product:

  1. Hover over Products and Click Add New
  2. Click Use Divi Builder
  3. Enter the product name
  4. Select the Product categories (unselect uncategorized)
  5. Add the Product image (images 1000px x 1000 px)
  6. Add the price
  7. Click Inventory
  8. Click Manage stock? and add the stock quantity
  9. Enter the product long description
  10. Click Publish
  11. Click the View Product to double check everything is ok

How to add a video to a product:

  1. Upload the video onto the Insideout Wellness YouTube channel
  2. Once the video is public, click Share -> Embed
  3. Copy the Embed code and paste it into the short description section on the product page

How to create a new category:

  1. Hover over Products and click Categories
  2. Type in the new category details and click Add new category
  3. Reminder to add new categories to the main menu (Appearance->Menus)

Need help?

Email charina@thinkgoat.com.au