Float & Sauna

Float & Sauna bundles

Detox & Destress

Combine the best of both world’s and get the maximum result from your float session by starting your experience with a sauna first.

Perfect & effortless flotation in natural salts

Replace stress with peace & new brain wave modes

Medical benefits include alleviation of conditions like depression & anxiety, and enhancement of your creativity

Ready to Make a Change?

Here, in one place, is everything you need to start and continue your path toward personal health, wellness and vitality.

Our Services

Float & Sauna

Pricing & Packages

Introductory offers are valid for first time clients only and must be used within 4 weeks.

Packages expire within 12 months from the first session.

Triple the Sauna and Floats


3 x Single person Infrared Sauna

+ 3 x 60 min Float

5 Sauna and Float Package


5 x Single person Infrared Sauna

+ 5 x 60 min Float

10 Sauna and Float Package


10 x Single person Infrared Sauna

+ 10 x 60 min Float

20 Sauna and Float Package


20 x Single person Infrared Sauna

+ 20 x 60 min Float