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Let Olivia introduce herself…

 Hello, my name is Olivia. I am the remedial massage therapist at InsideOut Wellness Hunter Valley.

As a massage therapist I frequently find myself amazed by the interconnectedness of the whole body. As a therapist, I am mostly inspired by the techniques/methods of myofascial release – one which employs a sustained pressure and allows the clients tissue to release more willingly rather than reluctantly.

As a therapist, my intention is not to chase (or cause) the pain, but to figure out and work to solve what is causing the pain or dysfunction.

During a treatment, I like to “listen” to the body and then follow the lines of tension or restriction as the tissue unravels itself, introducing passive movements and stretches where needed; to bring about freedom of movement, reduction of pain, improved posture, better function of the whole body and a more relaxed state.

I don’t believe in a “no pain, no gain” approach to massage, as pain is a form of trauma and our body remembers trauma; so, inducing unnecessary pain isn’t conducive to healing.

I prefer to work with the body, rather than against it. Having this approach is highly beneficial and effective for any type of presentation, whether it is chronic pain, acute pain, restricted movement, postural/functional imbalances, sensitivity to touch/pressure or just general tightness from work/stress/life/sport/exercise etc.   

In addition to massage, I am a yoga teacher and years of observing the way many bodies move has allowed me to gain the skills and knowledge to work with a person’s body as a whole, in the most beneficial way. My previous studies in nutrition combined with my work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher have taught me that you can’t force healing in a person’s body, you need to work with it, not against it.

So if you have tried other massages before and haven’t achieved the difference you are looking for or maybe you are wanting to work with an integrative therapist, perhaps someone who sees the body as a whole rather than and isolated unit, please come an see me at InsideOut Wellness Hunter Valley.

I am available most weekdays and some evenings and every second Saturday. Health fund rebates are available in centre.

If you are interested in my Yoga classes please discuss this with me when you come in for a treatment. I teach Yoga at a number of venues in the local area.

In Peace and Harmony,

Olivia x




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